viernes, 29 de julio de 2011

viernes, 1 de julio de 2011

Las mulas y los ladrones

In this post tell you a fable and learn a moral

Las mulas y los ladrones

Two mules, heavily laden with packages walked with difficultyalong the road. A carrying bag with money, and the other carrying grain.

The mule carrying the money walked with head erect, as if he knewthe value of its charge, and moved up and down the sound bellsfastened to his neck. His companion followed with quiet and peaceful way.

Suddenly robbers rushed upon them from their hiding places, and in the scuffle with their owners, the mule carrying the money waswound with a sword, and greedily took the money without regard to the grain.

The mule had been stolen and wound lamented his misfortune. The other replied:

--I am indeed very happy that I despised, because I have not lost anything, and neither did me any injury damage--

The boisterous ostentation of wealth brings only misfortune.

People who discriminate against others just to have more money than they get only contempt bad times.

Happy day for all, we read soon.!

jueves, 30 de junio de 2011

My family is the best in the world

In this post I will describe my family and speak a little of it

My family is a traditional family, my dad works while my mom works at home attending to all. My parents have been married 30 years, we all like a family trip, meet at the weekend because my parents live on the eastern shore of the lake and my sister and I live inmaracaibo because we came to study.

Growing in a good family helped us to have strong ethical and moral values ​​and excel as a person, an example of this is that I just need to get my professional degree because my 2 older sisters are professional.

Happy day for all, we read soon.!

The CityBank

This post will relate how it happened to a bank robbery in the city

At 3:00pm a pair of thieves broke the security system of the citibank and robbed 100 millions of bolivars. The faces of the criminals were recorded on tape with a hidden camera and 2 hours later the criminals were caught by the police. The had to go to court to answer some questions, the had to make a confession of what they had done. the problem was easily solved as they accepted they commit the crime, the went to jail to spend there 5 years.

Happy day for all, we read soon.!

Crime in the City

This post will describe the most significant crimes occurred in the city.

The most recent murder of Karen Gamarro model, who was killed along with her businessman boyfriend Enrique Morales. of unofficial information is known that both were related to drug cartels.

The case of Public Prosecutor's Department Danilo Anderson 

Wilkipedia quote:

The Murder of Danilo Anderson took place on 18 November 2004, in Caracas.Danilo Baltasar Anderson (born 29 October 1966) was a Venezuelan environmental state prosecutor investigating more than 400 people accused of crimes against the state and Venezuelan people in the failed 2002 coup d'etat.

Anderson, was assassinated in Urbanización Los Chaguaramos in Caracas, while driving home from the college where he was taking postgraduate classes. He was killed when a  C-4 plastic explosive device placed on the frame under the driver's seat on his Toyota SUV was detonated, apparently by remote control. Witnesses say they heard two loud explosions and saw the vehicle, already in flames, crash against the front of a nearby building. 

In 2005 several people were convicted of masterminding the assassination.

In all cases there are many rumors but little official information.

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A poem for my Dad!!

This post will dedicate a poem to my father in his day.

Elio Yedra
By: Alfredo Yedra

Happy, friendly
, intelligent, brave, crafty
Father of  Linora, Liandri and Alfredo
Who loves, travel, her family and play Dominos
Who is afraid of , crime and criminals

Wants to see their children graduate
 and her family happy
Resident of my heart

Happy day for all, we read soon.!